VeriFire Accessory
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Key Features

GKB DA205 POE Surge Protector


  • Performs a different function than grounding requirements.
  • Protects equipment from high voltage surges from nearby lightning strikes.
  • RJ45 Jack to RJ45 Jack 
  • Power and signal line protection.
  • 10/100 Base-T CAT5/CAT5e compatible.
  • 802.3af POE (Power over Ethernet) compatible.
  • Application for POE (Power over Ethernet) protection.


  • Supporting uploading/downloading bit rate up to 50Mbits.
  • WAN: Full 10/100 Ethernet support with auto MDX.
  • Data transmission up to 6Mb/1000 meters.
GKB DA301 PoE Power Device  

GKB DA301 is a power device that takes power from a PoE switch and delivers it to an IP camera via separate outputs.

The GKB DA301 is an external device which enables PoE for non-PoE IP cameras.

 GKB DA303 PoE Single Port Injector  
  • Up to 30W of PoE power
  • Compatible with IEEE 802.3af for Legacy PoE applications
  • Support 10/100 Base LAN Environment
GKB DA305 PoE Extender    
  • Extend Ethernet cable installations for another 100 meters
  • Forward Power Over Ethernet (POE) to remote devices
  • Simple to install – Plug & Play; No power cable installation required.

GKB DA306 PoE Single Port Injector


GKB DA306 is a single port, high-power PoE PSE solution for remote PoE PD devices.

GKB DA306 can be used with GKB DA307 and GKB DA305 together to power up non-PoE GKB Diplomat™ IP cameras over 100 meters.

Generating up to 60W, GKB DA306 supplies remote power to all GKB Diplomat™ series IP cameras.

GKB DA307 PoE Power Splitter

GKB DA307 is a Gigabit Power over Ethernet Splitter splits a networked PoE signal into separated power and Gigabit data sources.

GKB DA307 is the external device which enables administrators to run Gigabit speed PoE cables over long distances and then split the PoE signal into separated data and power sources in order to network non-PoE devices.

GKB DA206 8 Port 10/100M PoE Switch

GKB DA206 is a 8 port Ethernet 10/100M PoE Switch supplying power to connect PoE IP cameras.

DA202 supplies 48V/DC per port output and 25W maximum per port. GKB DA206 works with all GKB Diplomat™ IP cameras.

GKB DA207 8-port 10/100M Web Smart PoE Switch

  • 8-port PoE with 10/100M & 2-port Gigabit combo uplink
  • IEEE 802.3at
  • Total power consumption 130W
  • Web Management

GKB DA208 16-port 10/100M Web Smart PoE Switch

  • 16-port PoE with 10/100M & 2-port Gigabit combo uplink
  • IEEE 802.3at
  • Total power consumption 250W
  • Web Management

GKB DA209 24-port 10/100M Web Smart PoE Switch

  • 24-port PoE with 10/100M & 2-port Gigabit combo uplink
  • IEEE 802.3at
  • Total power consumption 500W
  • Web Management