VeriFire is GKB's newest Onvif IVS IP-based camera, with built-in intelligent analytics for detection of fire and smoke..
An integrated CCTV solution able to detect both SMOKE and FLAME at the same time during.
GKB IP surveillance can be integrated to a larger and scalable system according to users.
GKB Onvif IP comply with Onvif specification and support all devices with Onvif standard.
The easiest way to upgrade your existing analog system to a high definition video system..
Integrated lens with remote zoom and focus for quick and easy installation in any environment.
A cloud-based Smart Home & Home Security solution with complete hardware and software integration.
GKB offers complete mobile products along with dome stylish cameras and Analog/Hybrid DVRs to meet your needs.
The most solid fleet management system to deterrent violence, crime and monitor driver's behavior.
GKB HD-SDI surveillance delivers all the benefits of a Full HD image over coaxial cable.