An integrated CCTV solution which in able to detect both SMOKE and FLAME at the same time to well protect "Petroleum Plant Surveillance."

1. VCM Hazards

2. PetroleumTube / Pipe

3. Storage Safety

4. Flange

VFDS Solution
1. VCM Hazards
Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) Plant is a highly flammable and potentially ...
2. PetroleumTube / Pipe
Pipes are used for the transportation of crude oil and natural gas from ...
3. Storage
Some fugitive volatile organic compounds and hazardous ...
4. Flange
Alarm system intergrates video pop out notification and Emap...
Fast & Proven Fire Detection
In 20 seconds, the equipment sounds off the alarm, at the same time indicating the fire’s location...
Cost-Efficient Solution
VFDS uses CCTV camera images to perform video content analysis thus detecting both, SMOKE and FLAME ...
Extreme Reliability
VFDS is able to deliver live demo of flame and smoke acting just like the human eyes...
Video Clip
GKB's Video Fire Detection System is well-known worldwide due to its high sensitivity of video detection on flame and smoke, during day and night time, offering an immediate awareness of fire protection from the wide-open, excessive ceiling applications.
GKB VFDS Product Guide
Case Study

Australia Air Hangers
NSW Police Force had sought the fire detection solution that could "secure the large-scale aircraft hangers while still achieving fast detection". The requirement is particularly fit for GKB VFDS.
Formosa Plastics in Taiwan
Air Hangers in Australia