Diplomat IP

A flexible and extendable IP solution constructs a safe city in Cebu.

1. Intersection Observation 

2. Entrance Observation

3. Mirgration from Analog to IP

IP Solution
1. Intersection Observation
Identifies potential suspects in the road. Supplies a clear, 360 image ...
2. Parking Lot Entrance
Controls vehicle traffic flow in parking lot. Analyses real-time view ...
3. Existing Analog Migration to IP
Through a video server, allows existing analog cameras be part of the ...
4. Control Center
It integrates with vandalproof and motion detection devices to secure ...
5.Tourist Center
Visitors are allow to access GKB Cloud remotely and can be view any ...
6. Police Station
The police department can receive immediate notification of any ...


Easy to Integrate
GKB IP Diplomat CMS offers great platform flexibility and is capable of integrating ...
Low Bandwidth Requirements
The ability to transmit high quality video images over large distances with minimum bandwidth requirements is the key to the success...
Intelligent Notification
Allows you to monitor the status of any camera at a glance and manage in conjunction...
Live Demo
GKB IP Cam Catches Earthquake 2013, Philippines
After a powerful earthquake measuring 7.2 struck islands popular with tourists in the Philippines on Tuesday, GKB's high-performance IP cam spotlights this panic moment with crystal clear image. Here we present the real time playback to prove you our IP cam is a product deserving your trust.
GKB IP Cam Catches Earthquake 2013, Philippines
GKB Cloud NVR Platform
GKB Diplomat™ IP Solution saves the day
Case Study

The Port Artur Shopping Center in Parnu, Estnonia
The Port Artur Shopping Center in the center of Pärnu is a modern and popular shopping haven that offers something for all members of family.
J Centre Mall in Cebu City, Phillipines
National Chiang Mai University (CMU) in Thailand
Highlands Coffee in Vietnam
Imperial Palace Hotel in Cebu City, Phillipines