AetherLink wins TAIWAN EXCELLENCE 2016
•  Every year Taiwan Excellence Award praise innovative made in Taiwan products based on: R&D, Design, Quality, Marketing. Among thousands proudct, GKB Aetherlink get Taiwan Excellence Award. We believe that Aetherlink will bring better live to people. 
AetherLink is a combination of home security and home automation. Regular smart home contains a main gateway (controller) to communicate and control all sensors or electronic devices in the house. However, the price isn’t appealing to the general public; also it requires experienced technical team to finish the installation. For AetherLink, we build a gateway inside a camera so that the small and compact camera itself can control all sensors in the house. With latest z-wave technology, sensors features in wireless and easy installation. As a result, the price and installing process become attractive and friendly for end users.

Regarding of sensors and App, all installed sensors' status will be shown on the mobile App. Users can remotely turn on the light for their family even when he/she is far away from home. Moreover, the APP supports MACRO design for sensors. For example, when you open the door and the sensor is triggered, simultaneously; light and air conditioner will turn on automatically.

In addition, AetherLink covers home security as well. When someone breaks into your house, you will receive instant notification on mobile devices. What’s more, the camera will take 10 snapshots of the event immediately and store in the cloud. Even if the camera is destroyed, the snapshots will still be saved in GKB provided free cloud storage.